What is an example of a digital strategy

What is an Example of a Digital Strategy?


In the super-fast digital world we live in, businesses need smart plans to stay ahead. Having a good digital strategy is like having a game plan that uses the internet and technology to do well. Let’s take a look at a made-up example to understand this better. Imagine a pretend online store called “TechTrend.”

1. Company Story

TechTrend is a fake shop that sells cool electronics and tech stuff online. They wanted to do really well online and get lots of customers. So, they made a smart digital strategy to make it happen.

2. What They Wanted

First, they thought about what they wanted to achieve:

  • More People Visiting the Website: They wanted more folks to come and check out their online store.
  • Making Customers Happy: They wanted to chat with customers and make them like their shop.
  • Turning Visitors into Buyers: They wanted the people who visited their site to actually buy things.
  • Being Popular on Social Media: They wanted to be cool on social media and get lots of likes and comments.

3. Learning About Customers

TechTrend started by studying the people who might buy from them. They learned that most of their customers were young tech-lovers, aged 18 to 35, who wanted good stuff and easy shopping.

4. Making Interesting Stuff and Showing Up on Google

To get more people to see their shop, TechTrend started writing cool articles and showing them on their website. They also made sure to use words that people search for on Google, so their shop would pop up when someone looked for tech stuff.

5. Talking on Social Media

TechTrend knew that people hang out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter a lot. So, they made pages on these places and shared pics of their products, tips about tech, and fun stuff. This got them more friends and made them look like a fun shop.

6. Making Shopping Personal

To make shoppers feel special, TechTrend showed them stuff that they might like based on what they looked at before. It was like having a friend who knows what you want.

7. Phones and Tablets Matter

TechTrend knew that lots of people use phones and tablets to shop. So, they made sure their website worked super well on those devices too.

8. Checking What Works

TechTrend didn’t stop after making their plan. They used special tools to check how well their site was doing. If something didn’t work great, they changed it to make it better.


So, that’s how TechTrend, our made-up tech store, rocked the online world with their smart digital strategy. Just like having a game plan in sports, having a digital strategy helped them do well online. They learned about their customers, wrote cool stuff, chatted on social media, made shopping personal, and fixed things that didn’t work. This shows how having a good digital strategy can help any business succeed in the digital age.

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